Monday, February 3, 2014

January Activity-Products

Katie May
Mid-January, I became determined to make this TPT selling thing work. Beginning last July I had sporadically added a product of two here and there. And then after October, I didn't add anything at all.
I was frustrated.
I was not making any money. I had no followers.
I couldn't get anyone to allow me to join their community board on Pinterest.
I did not want to do a blog because if nothing else was working, I didn't think that would either.
So, I quit. And I lost 2 months of opportunities.

However, I am back with a renewed sense of purpose. My goal is to generate enough revenue from my TPT store to seek a part-time position and focus on raising my children myself (with a mom's morning out kind of job).

I am determined! I want this! I am creating, I am posting, I am blogging, and I am making progress on selling products. I am branching out of my very specific and narrow grade level into others. I had forgotten that I am an expert on Early Childhood Education, Reading, and ESOL. I have taught, planned for, and created many assignments across many grade levels in the past and now, I plan on making it work for me again.

When I re-entered the TPT selling arena in January, I had 14 products and 3 followers (I think one of them was accidentally myself, LOL). There were a couple of task card sets, a few borders, a couple of free graphic organizers, and lots of standards lists on different paper. Anything that was content related and applicable was for one unit in one grade level. I know, I know... How can I get frustrated from not selling from that LARGE variety of products. ;)

I invested in myself January 16th. I decided that if I was going to do this, I was going to have the upgraded membership so that I could keep more money from the products I was selling. This was the best move I think I have made so far. It made me commit to the process of creating, designing, and advertising products for my store. I also bought background, clipart, and creative letters to incorporate into my cover pages. At the end of January, I had doubled my products, expanded my variety, and almost matched my 2013 earnings with my January 2014 earnings! I am so proud of myself! LOL

I am currently by no means "rolling in the money," however, I am now trying. Here are the products I added during January...
Multiply Whole Numbers Game Board 3.OA.5
Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers Game Board 3.OA.4
Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers Game Board 3.OA.3
Divide Whole Numbers Game Board 3.OA.2
Add and Subtract Decimals Game Board 5.NBT.7  & 6.NS.3
Multiply and Divide Decimals Game Board 5.NBT.7 & 6.NS.3
Multiplying and Dividing Integers Game Board 7.NS.2
Unit Rate/Constant of Proportionality Game Board 7.RP.1
Unit Rate/Constant of Proportionality Foldable 7.RP.1
Adding and Subtracting Integers Game Board  7.NS.1
Proportional Relationships Game Board 7.RP.2 & 7.RP.3
Proportions Formative Assessment Set 7.RP.2 & 7.RP.3
Proportions Foldables 7.RP.2 & 7.RP.3
Writing and Solving Proportions Scavenger Hunt 7.RP.2 & 7.RP.3
Multiply Whole Numbers Task Cards/Game Board ~ 3.OA.5 PropMultiply and Divide Whole Numbers Task Cards/Game Board ~CMultiply and Divide Whole Numbers Task Cards/Game Board ~CDivide Whole Numbers Task Cards / Game Board ~CCSS 3.OA.2 Add and Subtract Decimals Game Board ~Aligned to 5.NBT.7 aMultiplying and Dividing Decimals Game Board ~Aligned to 5Multiplying and Dividing Integers Game Board ~Aligned to CUnit Rate / Constant of Proportionality Game Board ~Common
Unit Rate / Constant of Proportionality Foldable 7.RP.1Adding and Subtracting Integers Game BoardProportional Relationships Game Board *~Aligned to Common Proportions Formative Assessment Set ~Aligned to 7.RP.2 & 7.RP.3~Proportions Foldable Notes ~Common Core Aligned to 7.RP.2 Writing and Solving Proportions Scavenger Hunt ~Aligned to
As you can see, I developed a knack for game boards...If you are so compelled to visit my store, purchase any of these items, and are pleased with your purchase please leave some feedback. However, if you see things that are unsatisfying to you, please leave a question/comment so that I can fix it before you offer a poor rating. Thank you and much love!
Katie May
Katie May

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