Wednesday, June 18, 2014

50 Follower Sale-ebration

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Branching Out

Lately in my TPT Store, I have been attempting to branch out. I have many items made for 7th grade mathematics, but felt that I needed more of a variety to attract more followers and generate a healthier revenue base. I have searched for new and inventive ideas, but mainly have tried to stick with what I know has worked in my actual classroom. My students enjoy task cards (whether I paste them around the room or have them complete them individually). They enjoy scavenger hunts (something I need to do more of)... nd really enjoy competing with each other in games. I have incorporated these ideas into many of my products.
Here are some of my creations that were not designed for 7th grade.
Coordinate Plane Task Cards and Game Board Set ~Aligned to
In this product, you will find 27 task cards aligned to 5.G.1 and 5.G.2 , graphing in the coordinate plane. It includes that game board so that it can be used for a cooperative learning activity, but it also includes a student answer document for a more traditional approach (or when you don't want students to play the game).

Measurement Conversions Word Problems Task Cards ~4.MD.2 a
This product contains 16 task cards aligned to 4.MD.2, measurement conversions in real world situations. It contains a traditional student answer sheet with a traditional answer key AND a student answer sheet and key that are geared towards 21st century technology enabled classrooms where students will use QR code readers to check their answers. This simple addition is all it took to get my students motivated.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Geometry Foldables

My students are always looking for quick and painless ways to take notes / keep notes that are not handwritten and boring.

In response, I have developed these foldables that I use in conjunction with their interactive math notebooks.

An easy way to differentiate these notes is through the use of underlining key terms for lower levels, whiting-out key terms for regular learners, or even "hiding" key parts for your higher level learners. Many times, I will wait until after the students have begun a task to distribute a few of the foldables around the room. This will quickly peak the interest of students who may be struggling with getting started, but it also motivates them to gain the information on their own in a meaningful way!

Each of my foldables are aligned to a specific Common Core Geometry Standard or a pair of correlating standards...Here are my bundles that I have created thus far:
This Geometry Foldables Bundle contains 8 foldables and is aligned to the 6th Grade Common Core Geometry Unit. 

This bundle includes:
6.G.1- How to Calculate Area for Triangles, Special Quadrilaterals and Polygons (w/ decomposing examples) 
6.G.2- Volume of Recatngular Prisms w/ Unit Cubes Model 
6.G.3- Polygons in a Coordinate Plane (includes Parts of a Coordinate Plane, How to Graph in a Coordinate Plane, and How to Find Distance in a Coordinate Plane)
6.G.4- Surface Area of 3D Figures (Notes)
6.G.4- Surface Area and Volume of 3D Figures with Examples 

ALL- 3 Mini-Foldables with Formulas for Area, Volume, and Surface Area for Numerous Shapes and Figures

This Geometry Foldables Bundle contains 8 foldables and is aligned to the 7th Grade Common Core Geometry Unit. 
This bundle includes:
7.G.1- Scale Factor Foldables
7.G.2- What Forms a Triangle/Types of Triangles
7.G.3- Cross Sections of 3D Objects
7.G.4- Circles (Parts of a Circle, Circumference, Area, and the origin of Pi)
7.G.5- Angles (Parts of an Angle, and How to Name Angles) And Angle Relationships (Complementary, Supplementary, Vertical, and Adjacent) 
7.G.6- (Includes 3 mini-foldables) Area, Volume, and Surface Area Formulas 

This Geometry Foldables Bundle contains 11 Foldables and is aligned to the 8th Grade Common Core Geometry Unit.
This Bundle Includes:
8.G.1 & 8.G.2 – Types of Transformations Foldable (also shows the relation to similarity/congruence for each)
8.G.3 & 8.G.4 -  Dilations Foldable (Includes an example on the coordinate plane and how each coordinate is effected)
8.G.3 & 8.G.4 -  Reflections Foldable (Includes an example on the coordinate plane and how each coordinate is effected)
8.G.3 & 8.G.4 -  Translations Foldable (Includes an example on the coordinate plane and how each coordinate is effected)
8.G.3 & 8.G.4 -  Rotations Foldable (Includes an example on the coordinate plane and how each coordinate is effected)
8.G.5- Parallel Lines Cut By a Transversal Foldable (shows the many angle relationships that are formed)
8.G.5- Triangles Foldable (Includes what makes a triangle and types of triangles
8.G.6,7,8 – Pythagorean Theorem Foldable (Includes an example of why Pythagorean Theorem works, relevant vocabulary, how to find missing lengths using Pythagorean Theorem, common triples, and the Pythagorean Theorem Converse)
8.G.9- 3 Mini-Formulas Foldables (Includes area, volume, and surface area for various figures including spheres, cones, and cylinders)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Insert a Hyper-link or Bold Text Into Your TPT item description

I feel like I have hit the JACKPOT!

I learned a new trick today while working in my TPT Store.
I have seen many sellers who have hyper-links in their product descriptions that link to other products that they sell. Well, I wanted to do the same thing.

 I have created a bundle of different products and wanted to link to each one from my bundle description...And also link to my bundle from each individual product. So, I tried to type my description into word and hyperlink my phrase. I did that...I copied and pasted into my item description... I saved... AND NOTHING! No Hyperlink.

So, I googled it and found that you had to use a special code... So Here it IS!

If you want text to be in bold in your TPT description, you must use this code...

<strong>Insert Text Here</strong>

<strong>This text will be bold.</strong>

What it will look like:

This text will be bold.

If you want to insert a hyperlink into your TPT description, you must use this code...

<a href=”Insert Web Address Here”>Insert Text You Want to Link</a>

<a href=””>View My Store Here!</a>

What it will look like:

Some of you may be thinking...Why share your secrets? But, I try to think of you as I think of myself. I want to do everything possible I can to succeed at this. If I can help you out, maybe you will repin to help someone else..and someone else will do the same... this is not only helping others succeed, but it is also building a good business image. I want to be able to help someone else succeed. 

Overall, today I leaned that you should use Word when developing an item description... Go ahead and save a template that includes these codes so that they are easily accessible. Use the same template if you are going to be creating a group of products, it will be easier to complete your descriptions. Also, hopefully, this will hopefully keep your descriptions free of silly spelling/spacing/or grammatical errors. 

Good Luck with your TPT Store!
Please leave any feedback or suggestions/tips on things you may do!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coming Soon!

I have noticed lately that my foldables have been selling well. I put ALOT of thought and effort into these things. They are what I use to bring together all of the ideas and underlying understandings that often come with the Common Core Standards.

I am currently working on foldables for the 7th grade geometry unit.
These foldables will incorporate scale factor, triangles, plane sections (cross-sections of 3D objects), circles, angle relationship knowledge, and area/volume/surface area.

I may break these apart into separate selling items since they could more than likely be used in more than just 7th grade. However, for now, I am trying to create this as a bundle. Besides, this is my upcoming unit and I will need it myself very soon. :)

Tell me what you will be needing soon and how that has translated into your TPT store. :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day Sale

We are having a beautiful snow day!
To celebrate, I am offering a snow day sale!
Everything in my store is 10% off :)

I hope you find something you like!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keeping Momentum

Alright people, I am doing my best to keep my momentum up in February. I am working on this stuff as much as possible in order to make a showing. I want this to make a positive change in our lives and possibly substitute part of my income.

I have created lots of new items and am now up to 37 PRODUCTS and 5 FOLLOWERS!! Yay!! Every little milestone counts for me at this point. I have also consistently sold something every day in the month of February.

There are lots of products that I have created that I myself am in love with... Here is what I have added since Feb. 1st.
One Step Equations (w/ Integers) Task Cards and Game BoardOne Step Equations (w/ Whole Numbers) Task Cards and Game Board
One Step Equations w/ integers
One Step Equations w/ Whole Numbers
I am currently working on two more game boards to go with these two to create my first bundle. The other two will involve positive rational numbers and all rational numbers.

7th Grade Ratios and Proportional Relationships Unit Test 7th Grade Common Core Ratios and Proportional Reasoning Unit Test... This test includes 25 multiple choice, 3 short answer, and 2 extended response. I love this item as it helps prepare students for upcoming standardized tests that will incorporate writing into math.

Matching Proportional Tables, Graphs, and Equations ScavenMatching Proportional Tables, Graphs, and Equations Scavenger Hunt is another one of my favorites. Students work around the room going from card to card trying to match the various tables to graphs, graphs to equations, and more....My students loved this!

7th Grade Unit Three Daily Spiral Review for Interactive BoardsFAVORITE!!!!! Common Core Daily Review for 7th Grade!! This is so very, very useful! We are currently getting prepared for our big end of year assessment and this is perfect. We take about 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class to complete and review 3 questions that represent any standard we may have learned throughout the year. I will hopefully be adding more to this to make it a set as well!

Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Scavenger HunConverting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Scavenger Hunt 4.NF.6 This was inspired by a teacher friend's daughter's homework topic.
Finding Unit Rate / Constant of Proportionality Formative Finding Unit Rate/Constant of Proportionality Formative Assessment Pack . I recently used this product in my classroom for differentiation purposes. I had some students who knew how to find unit rate in tables and word problems, but not graphs and equations. This pack allowed me to focus on the individual needs of each student and remediate any misconceptions before test time.
Math Workshop Rotation LabelsMath WorkShop Rotation Labels ... I love this product, however, it has had alot of views and not many  purchases! I think it is so great for all grade levels of math classrooms! What is wrong with this product? Is it because it is black and white? I will be developing a color version soon. :) I hope it sells!

If I am going to keep this going, I need some feedback... Not just on my products, but on why some of them may not be selling (bad title, not colorful, not needed?)... Tell me what math standards you are currently working on in your classroom to give me some ideas and direction.

And Always, Thank You for Visiting :)
Katie May
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