Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coming Soon!

I have noticed lately that my foldables have been selling well. I put ALOT of thought and effort into these things. They are what I use to bring together all of the ideas and underlying understandings that often come with the Common Core Standards.

I am currently working on foldables for the 7th grade geometry unit.
These foldables will incorporate scale factor, triangles, plane sections (cross-sections of 3D objects), circles, angle relationship knowledge, and area/volume/surface area.

I may break these apart into separate selling items since they could more than likely be used in more than just 7th grade. However, for now, I am trying to create this as a bundle. Besides, this is my upcoming unit and I will need it myself very soon. :)

Tell me what you will be needing soon and how that has translated into your TPT store. :)

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