Sunday, February 2, 2014

Creating A Button for TPT

I have finally created a button for my TPT store!!! Yay!

It was super easy. I used powerpoint to create a circle label, inserted a picture for a background, and typed my name in a cute font. Then I saved the circle as an image...Easy Peasy :)

I love it! It is simple and will allow my buyer's to quickly recognize my products when searching. It is also not tied to a personal picture or complete name. I don't know why, but this was important to me. I have nothing to hide, but felt it important that this be one of the main characteristics. Plus, I didn't want to limit myself by naming it something to do with a specific grade level or content. I have a wide background and hope that it will one day be fully represented in my store.

Click on my button below to check out my store! :)

~ Katie May
Adventures in TPT Selling