Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Insert a Hyper-link or Bold Text Into Your TPT item description

I feel like I have hit the JACKPOT!

I learned a new trick today while working in my TPT Store.
I have seen many sellers who have hyper-links in their product descriptions that link to other products that they sell. Well, I wanted to do the same thing.

 I have created a bundle of different products and wanted to link to each one from my bundle description...And also link to my bundle from each individual product. So, I tried to type my description into word and hyperlink my phrase. I did that...I copied and pasted into my item description... I saved... AND NOTHING! No Hyperlink.

So, I googled it and found that you had to use a special code... So Here it IS!

If you want text to be in bold in your TPT description, you must use this code...

<strong>Insert Text Here</strong>

<strong>This text will be bold.</strong>

What it will look like:

This text will be bold.

If you want to insert a hyperlink into your TPT description, you must use this code...

<a href=”Insert Web Address Here”>Insert Text You Want to Link</a>

<a href=””>View My Store Here!</a>

What it will look like:

Some of you may be thinking...Why share your secrets? But, I try to think of you as I think of myself. I want to do everything possible I can to succeed at this. If I can help you out, maybe you will repin to help someone else..and someone else will do the same... this is not only helping others succeed, but it is also building a good business image. I want to be able to help someone else succeed. 

Overall, today I leaned that you should use Word when developing an item description... Go ahead and save a template that includes these codes so that they are easily accessible. Use the same template if you are going to be creating a group of products, it will be easier to complete your descriptions. Also, hopefully, this will hopefully keep your descriptions free of silly spelling/spacing/or grammatical errors. 

Good Luck with your TPT Store!
Please leave any feedback or suggestions/tips on things you may do!


  1. Thanks for the tip on making words bold! I just started selling on TPT and have been wondering how to do this.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing :)