Monday, March 10, 2014

Branching Out

Lately in my TPT Store, I have been attempting to branch out. I have many items made for 7th grade mathematics, but felt that I needed more of a variety to attract more followers and generate a healthier revenue base. I have searched for new and inventive ideas, but mainly have tried to stick with what I know has worked in my actual classroom. My students enjoy task cards (whether I paste them around the room or have them complete them individually). They enjoy scavenger hunts (something I need to do more of)... nd really enjoy competing with each other in games. I have incorporated these ideas into many of my products.
Here are some of my creations that were not designed for 7th grade.
Coordinate Plane Task Cards and Game Board Set ~Aligned to
In this product, you will find 27 task cards aligned to 5.G.1 and 5.G.2 , graphing in the coordinate plane. It includes that game board so that it can be used for a cooperative learning activity, but it also includes a student answer document for a more traditional approach (or when you don't want students to play the game).

Measurement Conversions Word Problems Task Cards ~4.MD.2 a
This product contains 16 task cards aligned to 4.MD.2, measurement conversions in real world situations. It contains a traditional student answer sheet with a traditional answer key AND a student answer sheet and key that are geared towards 21st century technology enabled classrooms where students will use QR code readers to check their answers. This simple addition is all it took to get my students motivated.

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